Grow A Booty: Home Edition Bundle

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This Grow a Booty: Home Edition Bundle Includes: 

  • Grow a Booty Glute Guide: Home Edition

  • Resistance Training Growth Bands

  • How to Track your macros

  • Over 40 Plant-based, easy-to-follow Recipes

The Grow a Booty Glute Guide is Arica Sky's secret to building strong, perky glutes! This guide will have you burning fat, and strengthening the booty for more activation and explosiveness in your normal routine. And even better, a sculpted and more toned booty!

Pairing your Grow a Booty Glute Guide with our Resistance Training Growth Bands optimizes your training for maximized results!

The Growth Bands guarantee that all of your muscles in the lower body  are constantly engaged, and working against the resistance of the bands. This activates the fast-twitch muscle fibers in the hamstrings, quads, glutes and core; resulting in maximization and strengthening of your plyometrics, stabilization, speed, agility, core strength, explosive power, multi-directional movements, muscle definition and overall body awareness.

Differentiated Resistance Levels:

Black Tube:  20lbs of resistance. Beginner & Intermediate
Red Tube:  25lbs of resistance. Advanced
Sizing: One Size Fits Most (64cm), Materials: Nylon, Latex, and Metal Carabiner


**You will receive your Grow a Booty Glute Guide once your bands have been shipped.

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