Beginner's Guide to Vegan

Beginner's Guide to Vegan

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We want to emphasize that this is a Beginner’s Guide to going Vegan, with that being said, we have included recipes with processed alternative meat replacements, as well as whole-food, plant-based options. We strongly believe in getting the majority of your micro and macronutrients from a whole-foods plant-based diet.  In this Free Beginner’s Guide to Vegan, you will learn just how simple it is to switch to a plant-based diet with ease, in a healthful, tasteful, and manageable way.

Not only will you be taking control of your health, you will be contributing to a cruelty-free world, and improving the environment!

We will:

  • Explain what exactly the vegan diet is

  • Share with you MY personal vegan go-tos, and what my grocery list consists of weekly

  • Give you a sample weekly meal chart

  • Share with you impactful facts that explain why leading a vegan lifestyle is important

  • Shed light on Cancer, Diabetes, and Preventative Facts that will shock you

  • Introduce famous Inventors, Athletes, and Celebrities that lead a plant-based lifestyle… and aren’t protein deficient

  • Cover what GMOs are and why they are not good for your health

  • Share with you what supplements I personally use!

  • And Much More


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